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Our mineral makeup accessories are hypoallergenic and made from the highest quality materials. The bristles of Annabelle Minerals brushes are synthetic bristles, so they do not cause irritation or allergy.

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    The highlighter brush will help you apply the product evenly to the skin and precisely graduate the glow intensity.

  • POWDER brush


    The powder brush is intended for applying loose face powder to fix the make-up. Soft bristles can also be used on delicate skin around the eyes. It provides the effect of a smooth complexion with a finish.

  • FLAT TOP brush


    Flat top has dense, flexible bristles due to which application of foundation is smudge free.

  • BLUSH brush


    The Annabelle Minerals angled blush brush has dense, soft bristles facilitating precise highlighting and contouring the face with a mineral blush.

  • KABUKI brush


    The kabuki brush has rounded dense bristles allowing for precise application of foundation and powder on the face and giving the effect of a uniform complexion.

  • CONCEALER brush


    A soft, flexible brush for applying mineral concealer.

  • TAPERED brush


    The tapered brush has delicate, dense bristles facilitating precise application of BB cream or mineral foundation even on hard to reach places (eg. sides of the nose) effectively concealing imperfections and discolorations.

  • MINI KABUKI brush


    The soft, flexible mini kabuki brush is ideally suitablefor application of Annabelle Minerals loose eyeshadows.

  • SHADOW brush


    The soft, delicate bristles of the brush allow for precise and even application of eyeshadow to the eyelids.

  • EYELINER brush


    The soft, delicate eyeliner brush allows you to draw precise lines along your upper and lower lashlines.



    The Annabelle Minerals angled brush allows for convenient application of eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelid and outer corners of the eyes.

  • SHORT TOP foundation brush


    Annabelle Minerals foundation SHORT TOP brush with its innovative shape is very effective for achieving full coverage with mineral foundation even after applying only one layer. Makes the application easy and fast. Perfect for a first mineral foundation brush.



    A soft, flexible brush ideally suitable for blending Annabelle Minerals loose eyeshadows.

  • SMUDGE brush


    A soft, flexible brush ideally suitable for mixing and color grading as well as blending loose eyeshadows.

  • Baby KABUKI brush


    The baby kabuki face brush makes an excellent product for touch-ups throughout the day. It easily slips into your cosmetic case without adding much bulk - always have it handy.

  • Cosmetic container with SPONGE


    The cosmetic container includes a soft sponge which will facilitate application of concealer or foundation whenever you need it.

  • POUNCH for bushes


    Mineral make-up brushes are essential for polished make-up application.

  • SOFTIE L make-up sponge


    Large Annabelle Minerals sponge for the application of the mineral foundation using the "wet" method.

  • SOFTIE M make-up sponge


    Medium Annabelle Minerals sponge for applying mineral make-up using the "wet" method.

  • SOFTIE S make-up sponge


    S-size sponge to apply mineral makeup using the "wet" method.



    The container can be used for mixing several products.