Shipping methods and forms of transport

Principles of shipping for products ordered:

Orders are usually within 2-3 days from the date of payment. Products are sent by the DHL International GmbH. The cost of delivery depends on the destination of the shipment:

EU Country Cost of the delivery (EUR)
Austria 6
Belgium 6
Bulgaria 13
Croatia 9
Cyprus 65
Denmark 8
Estonia 8
France 9
Greece 13
Ireland 13
Italy 9
Latvia 8
Lithuania 6
Malta 65
Netherlands 6
Portugal 13
Romania 13
Slovenia 6
Spain 13
UK 9

For orders above 150 EUR, there is no charge for shipping.

Fees for packaging are included in the cost of shipping. We recommend the purchase of several products in one basket, in order to avoid duplication of shipment costs. We cannot group two separate orders, therefore shipping costs are added to each order separately.

Products are always carefully protected against damage, but after receiving the package, please check that they have not been compromised during transport.

Order and shipment status

You can keep the check on the status of your order:

• If you created an account – check the status after logging in.

• If you do not have an account – check order status without logging in.

   (you will need to enter the order number and your e-mail address).