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Dewy makeup ideal to wear everyday

The effects of being tired, excess of stimulants and lack of adequate amount of sleep are very quickly visible on the face. The skin condition deteriorates, dark circles appear under the eyes, and the complexion becomes gray and sallow. How to improve its appearance and feel better in a tense period? In addition to optimal care, based on highly moisturizing cosmetics, you can help yourself with a brightening make-up, in which the first place takes radiant complexion, rosy cheeks and pink lips.

Makijaż rozświetlający Annabelle Minerals

For maximum brightness and fresh effect, we damp foundation brush with a moisturizing mist or thermal water. We squeeze the excess of liquid in a tissue and buff a bit of powder into the brush. Then rub the foundation into the skin with circular moves. We use kabuki brush with a slightly rounded edge that gives a soft finish with medium coverage.

Products used so far – Annabelle Minerals radiant foundation in Sunny Fair.

Makijaż rozświetlający Annabelle Minerals

Every discolorations are covered with a concealer, and we apply a bit of radiant powder under the eyes. It camouflages bruising and reflects light, creating the illusion of a rested complexion. We emphasize the cheeks with blusher in a shade of natural blush (the color is easiest to choose judging by the color of the inner side of the lips).

Cosmetics used at this stage - Annabelle Minerals: Medium concealer, Pretty Glow radiant powder, Rose blush.

Makijaż rozświetlający Annabelle Minerals

We cover the entire skin with a small amount of radiant powder (and if we have a problem with very oily skin, apply it omitting your T zone), with particular emphasis on the tops of the cheekbones. We fill eyebrows and improve their drawing with a matte eyeshadow matched to the hair color.

Cosmetics used at this stage - Annabelle Minerals: Pretty Glow radiant powder.

Makijaż rozświetlający Annabelle Minerals

It's time for the eye make-up: I tap the fixing base into the entire eyelid, then the mineral eyeshadow in Vanilla. We use a flat brush to evenly distribute the pigment. We emphasize the eyelid recess with a medium shade of brown so that a mist of color is created. Blend the shade thoroughly with a fluffy brush to cover the borders.

Cosmetics used at this stage - Annabelle Minerals: Vanilla shadow, Nougat shadow.

Makijaż rozświetlający Annabelle Minerals

We mark the upper and lower eyelids with a dark brown shadow. We emphasize the eyebrow arch, the waterline and the inner corner with Vanilla shade.

Cosmetics used at this stage - Annabelle Minerals: Chocolate shadow, Vanilla shadow.

We finish our make-up by applying mascara and painting our lips with a shade of pink that brings life to my face.

Makijaż rozświetlający Annabelle Minerals


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