At Annabelle Minerals, we believe that each of us can take the challenge of reducing the amount of plastic that we use every day. We trust that - as a company - we can consciously create cosmetics and gradually minimize  its impact on the environment. Earth is our only home, there is no planet B, that's why Annabelle Minerals is evolving towards #lesswaste.

Annabelle Minerals customers are a change. It is thanks to them that the machine of minimizing plastic has started to work in the process of packaging our brand's products. We don't want revolution, we care about evolution. We believe that small steps lead to big changes. That is why the ECO tab was created in the Annabelle Minerals store.

You will find Annabelle Minerals products packed in the spirit of #lesswaste here. Without plastic or for its multiple use. What instead of disposable plastic? Packaging of unstained paper, glass and aluminum. We selected each of the materials - including reusable plastic - so that it is fully recyclable.

Sustainable development and care for the environment is not a privilege, it is the responsibility of each of us. Start your eco steps with Annabelle Minerals - buy your favorite mineral products in ecological packaging. Be the change!


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  • reusable JAR ♻


    Reusable jar for storing and mixing mineral cosmetics. Made of durable aluminium. Perfect for storing and transporting products from the refill line in paper packaging. The jar was created in the spirit of #lesswaste.

  • Mineral POWDERS ♻


    Translucent  powders refills in paper packaging. Choose the matte finishing powder based on bamboo powder or the clay primer. Cosmetics especially recommended for oily and problematic skin as well as for people who prefer a matte make-up finish.  

  • Mineral BLUSH ♻


    Mineral blush in a cool or warm shade in an ecological paper refill packaging. Long-lastingt, does not fade and does not rub during the day. It gives a matte finish and a natural, girly blush. For all skin types.

  • RADIANT mineral foundation ♻


    Annabelle Minerals Radiant foundation refill in paper packaging. The effect of glowing  skin and optical reduction of fine lines plus  SPF 20 - for all skin types, especially for dull and non-radiant.

  • MATTE mineral foundation ♻


    Annabelle Minerals matte mineral foundation refill in plastic free packaging. Long lasting matte effect and SPF10 – for oily, combination and problematic skin.

  • COVERAGE mineral foundation ♻


    Coverage mineral foundation’s refill in plastic free, eco packaging.. Full coverage and 30SPF – for normal and dry skin.

  • EYE pencil


    Creamy eye pencil. Soft, creamy formula made with a blend of natural oils and minerals cares for the skin. Gentle and suitable for sensitive eyes. Helps to finish the look by defining your eye. Available in three classic shades.

  • JUMBO eye pencil


    Eye pencil with JUMBO possibilities – combines eyeshadow and eyeliner. It’s super soft and suitable for even sensitive eyes. Thanks to the content of natural oils, it cares for the skin. The longwear, ultra-blendable creamy formula is available in three pigment-rich shades.

  • jumbo LIP PENCIL


    Creamy lip pencils available in three shades. Comfortable to wear - thanks to the content of natural oils, it nourishes and softens the lips. Applies easily and smoothly. Versatile, fresh shades with velvety semi-matte finish.

  • mineral EYE PIGMENT


    Intensively sparkling mineral eye pigments in refined shades. Rich in pigment, durable and efficient. Will light up every makeup look, adding diamond-like sparkle. Natural ingredients, eco packaging and a vegan formula. Apply alone or as sparkling finish to your look, for eyes and body.   

  • BROW LIKE WOW brow palette


    BROW LIKE WOW palette is the first pressed product of Annabelle Minerals. Created to make eyebrows neat and elegant.

  • SOFT CREAM lightweight moisturiser


    Incredibly light, fast absorbing cream for the daily care of all skin types, including combination and oily skin. The optimal moisturising base for mineral foundation. Moisturising cream with 95% natural ingredients.

  • oil and cream PUMP


    Reusable pump for dispensing Annabelle Minerals natural oils and cream

  • STAY ESSENTIAL face oil


    Stay Essential - natural multifunctional face oil for mature skin with the first signs of aging. Nourishes, tightens and cares for dull and tired skin. Restores its glow and energy.

  • STAY PURE face oil


    Natural multi-functional Stay Pure oil for problematic and oily skin. The oil effectively and non-aggressively removes even waterproof makeup. It soothes irritations, nourishes and cares for the skin without causing dryness.

  • STAY CALM face oil


    Natural, multifunctional Stay Calm oil for makeup removal and care. Intended for people with dry, sensitive and capillary skin. Effectively removes makeup, does not dry the skin, relaxes and soothes irritations.



    Reusable dropper for Annabelle Minerals skincare products

  • oil PUMP


    Reusable Annabelle Minerals oils pump

  • reusable MAKE-UP ROUNDS


    A set of five reusable make-up rounds. Join us in the #lesswaste movement and replace disposable cotton pads with reusable ones. The package contains 5 pieces.

  • GUA SHA – face massage tool


    Gua Sha rose quartz face massage tool. Gua Sha is a massage technique that originated in the tradition of therapeutic Chinese massage. The massage improves lymph flow, shapes the face and improves the absorption of skincare products. This is an excellent technique to stimulate vital energy.