Annabelle Minerals radiant foundation has a lightweight formula. Its main ingredient is illuminating mica, which gives the skin a healthy glow. Under the influence of warmth, the minerals fuse with the skin, ensuring extremely natural finish. The composition also includes titanium dioxide, which is known for its protective properties against UVA / UVB at SPF20, which is extremely important to keep the skin in good condition. This loose mineral foundation works well for people with dull, tired skin with fine wrinkles and brighten everyday makeup. It is available in 4 color ranges. The cool Beige range is suitable for people with visible pink tones. The Natural range has a neutral undertone as neither pink nor yellow notes dominate it. The Golden range was created for people with a warm complexion, in which you can find yellow-olive tones. The Sunny range, on the other hand, is recommended for people with a warm type of beauty, whose complexion contains bright, sunny notes. Annabelle Minerals foundations easily spread over the face without creating streaks or stains. Their silky formula makes the skin velvety smooth and the color well-even. The best application effect can be obtained with brushes with synthetic bristles. Not only do they "catch" loose products, reducing the risk of cosmetic flaking, but also help to evenly apply the product and extend the durability of make-up. The foundations are also proven in tests to reduce inflammation, pores visibility and sebum secretion over time.

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