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"I love it; non occlusive, works on the most sensitive and breakout prone skins and, contrary to popular myths, is not dull or flat but reflects light to give a flattering finish. One of my first ever makeup videos was about my love of mineral makeup and now I’ve discovered Annabelle Minerals, I’m using it again for summer."

- Nadine Baggott, beauty guru, TV presenter, and journalist on Mineral Foundation

"One thing I particularly loved about this one is that my face literally glowed with radiance after using it. The shine doesn’t make the skin look oily, instead it looks young and vibrant, exactly what I was hoping for."

- Tom Bourlet, Suit Your Look on GLOW JUICE Serum

"A soft pen with strong pigment giving power to that colour of choice, doesn’t smudge with wear yet easy to blend."

- Lis-Marie Liden, BESPOKE BLACK BOOK on Eye Pencils

"I was eager to try the range to see if these natural products could provide me with the health benefits mineral makeup naturally offered as well as that desired coverage and I was really happy with the outcome. Selecting the shade that I thought would suit my complexion was simple and I found the colour complimented my tone."

- Tanya Marie, STYLENEST on Mineral Foundation

"I truly agree with all the claims, looks and feels amazing lasted all day."

- Sandra Mendes, Pro Makeup Artist on Mineral Foundation