Annabelle Minerals brand was established out of love. Out of love for health, beauty, nature and women to themselves. We believe every woman has the beauty inside and her conscious choices determine if and how it is going to be externalize.

We’re guided by the idea of living in accordance with nature. Our products are culmination of carefully selected natural ingredients.

Annabelle Minerals manufactures makeup which we want to use ourselves. None of the ingredients got in by a chance.
Radiant mica, matting and antibacterial zinc oxide, containing sun protection factor titanium dioxide and responsible for color
iron oxide – that’s all we needed to create gentle but also effective makeup.

Annabelle Minerals mineral foundations are available in 22 shades and three formulas: radiant, matte and coverage. Such a multitude of colors guarantees  that almost every woman can find her perfect shade. Three kinds of finish allow you to select a foundation well-fitting to your skin's actual needs.

Annabelle Minerals also offers: blushes, finishing powders and highlighters, eyeshadows and concealers.
All of them have the shortest possible, several ingredients INCI and range of colors suitable for current trends.

Annabelle Minerals cosmetics will help you to create perfect, natural looking makeup without the mask effect.

They are gentle to the skin and long-lasting whilst being suitable for everyone.

Our makeup accessories are hypoallergenic products, made of the highest quality materials. Annabelle Minerals brushes are real must have for every “mineral freak”. Their synthetic bristles are adapted to effective and easy application of mineral makeup.

The power of mineral makeup comes from its ingredients. Thanks to them you can not only beautify your skin, but also help it to maintain good health. This is the first makeup, that is really skin caring. 

We are constantly expanding our range of products. Each of Annabelle Minerals cosmetics arises based on opinions and needs of our customers. We create our products for you and thanks to you.

Thank you for your trust!