NAVY mineral eyeshadow minis set
NAVY mineral eyeshadow minis set
NAVY mineral eyeshadow minis set
NAVY mineral eyeshadow minis set
NAVY mineral eyeshadow minis set
NAVY mineral eyeshadow minis set
NAVY mineral eyeshadow minis set

NAVY mineral eyeshadow minis set

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A set of mini mineral eyeshadows in NAVY will enhance the allure of brown and hazel eyes.

This pack contains

cornflower 1g

1x cornflower 1g

blueberry 1g

1x blueberry 1g

water ice 1g

1x water ice 1g

platinium 1g

1x platinium 1g

vanilla 1g

1x vanilla 1g

Shipping costs from £3.00. Check it out!

Reasons to love it


Versatile, wearable shades for everyday use


Does not budge or crease. Ensures longwear and beautiful eye makeup

Gentle formula

Natural and gentle for sensitive eyes, the formula guarantees tear-free makeup

Product description

Ahoy there! Embrace the power of blue and let its enchanting shades captivate you. From the icy allure of Water Ice, to the striking vibrancy of Cornflower, and even the subtle depths of Blueberry – this palette offers a journey through captivating blues. Complementing these tones are the creamy Vanilla and the timeless Platinum gray. The NAVY set is expertly crafted to accentuate the beauty of brown and hazel eyes, highlighting their unique iris colors. Are you ready to set sail with this stunning palette?

How to apply

  • 1. Remember to prep your eyes ahead of applying eyeshadow, you can use mineral foundation for this.
  • 2. Pick up the shadow with a brush by gently pressing it onto the product’s surface. Tap the excess off.
  • 3. Apply on the lid, starting from the outer corner of the eye.
  • If the effect is too subtle for you, apply another thin layer.

Find your PERFECT shade!

Turn on the camera or upload a photo to try our products on. Do it in daylight with no makeup on for best results. Swipe the shade circles and choose the best one for yourself.
<p>Find your <strong>PERFECT</strong> shade!</p>

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Favourite ingredients


Ensures lightness and silky finish. Its gentle glow revives and adds freshness. Optically smoothes out fine lines


They are responsible for the colour of the product


Soothing, regenerating and strengthening. Used regularly, it improves the condition of the skin and hair


Ensures silky texture. Reflects the light the way it optically smooths pores

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