At Annabelle Minerals, we believe that each of us can take the challenge of reducing the amount of plastic that we use every day. We trust that - as a company - we can consciously create cosmetics and gradually minimize  its impact on the environment. Earth is our only home, there is no planet B, that's why Annabelle Minerals is evolving towards #lesswaste.

Annabelle Minerals customers are a change. It is thanks to them that the machine of minimizing plastic has started to work in the process of packaging our brand's products. We don't want revolution, we care about evolution. We believe that small steps lead to big changes. That is why the ECO tab was created in the Annabelle Minerals store.

You will find Annabelle Minerals products packed in the spirit of #lesswaste here. Without plastic or for its multiple use. What instead of disposable plastic? Packaging of unstained paper, glass and aluminum. We selected each of the materials - including reusable plastic - so that it is fully recyclable.

Sustainable development and care for the environment is not a privilege, it is the responsibility of each of us. Start your eco steps with Annabelle Minerals - buy your favorite mineral products in ecological packaging. Be the change!


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