Best sellers

  • Mineral BLUSH ♻


    Mineral blush in a cool or warm shade in an ecological paper refill packaging. Long-lastingt, does not fade and does not rub during the day. It gives a matte finish and a natural, girly blush. For all skin types.

  • GUA SHA – face massage tool


    Gua Sha rose quartz face massage tool. Gua Sha is a massage technique that originated in the tradition of therapeutic Chinese massage. The massage improves lymph flow, shapes the face and improves the absorption of skincare products. This is an excellent technique to stimulate vital energy.

  • mineral BLUSH


    Rich in pigment, matte mineral blush. Suitable for every skin type. Silky, easy to apply and durable. A little goes a long way. Available in 6 shades. Want to check if it’s a good match? Click TRY IT ON button to virtually apply the blush onto the face.

  • CARAMEL mineral eyeshadows minis set


    The CARAMEL mineral eyeshadows minis set allows you to create many smokey eye combinations

  • Cosmetic container with SPONGE


    The cosmetic container includes a soft sponge which will facilitate application of concealer or foundation whenever you need it.

  • mineral EYESHADOW


    Natural ingredients eyeshadows. 17 pigment-rich shades with a satin finish. Mineral eyeshadows are easy to apply and durable. They don’t crease and don’t irritate even sensitive eyes. Want to check how a specific shade is going to look like on you? Use TRY IT ON button below.

  • MINT SOFTIE - makeup sponge


    Pear-shaped makeup sponge for applying mineral makeup the wet method.

  • ORCHID mineral eyeshadows minis set


    The ORCHID mineral eyeshadows minis set will give your makeup freshness and will perfectly emphasize the green iris of the eye.

  • DAISY mineral eyeshadows minis set


    The DAISY mineral eyeshadows minis set is the perfect combination of shades for people who prefer subtle, daily makeup and makeup no makeup.

  • luminous BLUSH


    Mineral blush with luminous finish. Adds freshness and healthy glow to every makeup look. Buildable and easy to apply. The combination of minerals and valuable naturals oils nourishes the skin. Available in two shades. Use TRY IT ON button to choose the one that suits you best.

  • PINEAPPLE mineral eyeshadows minis set


    A set of minieral eyeshadows in PINEAPPLE is a palette of colors reminiscent of tropical fruit.

  • FOUNDATION brush


    The foundation brush has delicate, dense bristles facilitating precise application of fluid or mineral foundation even on hard to reach places (eg. sides of the nose) effectively concealing imperfections and discolorations.

  • mineral HIGHLIGHTER


    Highlighters made of natural ingredients. Create an intensively reflective finish. Available in two versatile shades: cool champagne and light gold. Both are gentle and have skincare properties.

  • NAVY mineral eyeshadows minis set


    A set of mineral eyeshadows minis in NAVY will make brown and hazel eyes pop.

  • matte clay EYESHADOW


    An eyeshadow created keeping in mind people with very sensitive eyes as well as contact lenses users. The gentle lightweight formula based on natural cosmetic clays ensures the comfort of wearing eye makeup throughout the day. Our clay eyeshadows are 10 daytime pastel shades in a matte finish. Do you want to check the color before purchasing? Use TRY IT ON button below.

  • SKIN MUST HAVES set of mini serums


    Try all 3 Annabelle Minerals’ advanced serums for comprehensive skin care. The set includes miniatures of: Glow Juice 20% vitamin C serum, Clarity Juice 5% niacinamide serum, Repair Juice 0.3% retinol serum packed in 3 ml bottles with pipettes.

  • REPAIR JUICE retinol serum


    Advanced 0.3% retinol serum enriched with alfalfa and edelweiss extracts, and orchid stem cells. Rebuilds and smoothes the skin texture. Reduces fine lines, brightens, and improves firmness. Maximum effective results with a gentle formula. Use overnight.

  • vanilla 1g

  • lilac 1g

  • smoky 1g