reusable JAR ♻
reusable JAR ♻
reusable JAR ♻
reusable JAR ♻
reusable JAR ♻

reusable JAR ♻


Durable aluminium jar designed for the storage and blending of mineral cosmetics. This reusable container is an excellent choice for housing and conveniently carrying items from the refill line packaged in paper. Crafted with resilience in mind, it aligns with the ethos of #lesswaste, promoting sustainability and reduced environmental impact.

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Reasons to love it


You will use it many times, storing refills inside


Aluminium can be recycled endlessly. Properly segregated, it will get a second life

Product description

Can plastic be replaced? Partially, indeed, and limitations can be significant. Our answer is an innovative alternative to plastic mixing jars and for storing mineral makeup refills - the reusable Annabelle Minerals aluminium jar.  Crafted entirely from pink-coloured aluminium, the reusable Annabelle Minerals jar stands as an environmentally friendly solution. Enhanced with a strainer and a makeup puff, it safeguards against spillage and offers the convenience of quick touch-ups throughout the day. Remarkably capacious, this aluminum jar accommodates up to 18 g of loose cosmetics.  Summarizing our reusable jar in three words: Eco-friendly, practical, and visually striking. Become part of the community of environmentally conscious consumers and embrace plastic-free cosmetics.

3 benefits
of reusable aluminium packaging:

  • 1. They are lightweight - they create a smaller carbon footprint in transport. Carried every day, they do not burden the handy makeup bag.
  • 2. They are durable - won't break when dropped.
  • 3. They can be effectively recycled - aluminum packaging does not lose its quality in the recycling process. Make sure they go to the right bin.
  • Buy mineral makeup in refills and store them in the aluminum jar. Join the group of environmentally conscious consumers and choose plastic-free cosmetics.

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