The Annabelle Minerals Short Top Foundation Brush, featuring its innovative shape, excels in achieving full coverage with mineral foundation, often requiring just a single layer. This brush streamlines the application process, ensuring both simplicity and speed. It's particularly well-suited for those new to mineral foundation application.

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Reasons to love it


Designed to apply mineral makeup. Works well with other formulas


Beautiful, carefully made, well balanced. Everyday makeup with such an accessory is pure pleasure


Flexible, super-soft bristles are a guarantee of gentleness. Perfect for the sensitive around-the-eye area

Product description

Annabelle Minerals is dedicated to crafting its makeup accessories based on three core principles: durability, quality, and ethics. The Short Top Mineral Foundation Brush is a fresh addition to the Annabelle Minerals lineup, tailored for individuals seeking substantial coverage and efficient application.

Innovative Foundation Brush: The Short Top stands as an innovative mineral foundation brush, meticulously designed to enhance the ease of applying mineral makeup. With its half-rounded, compact, and short bristles, this brush enables precise product application and delivers complete coverage even with just one layer. The short bristles effectively pick up foundation, leaving no residue during application.

What is  SHORT TOP Brush made of: Featuring an ergonomic, wide handle, the brush fits comfortably in the hand, facilitating precision during application. The short, densely packed bristles, crafted from synthetic material, ensure comprehensive coverage with just one layer of mineral foundation. The design of the Short Top brush exudes elegance.

Achieve a Natural Makeup Effect: The bristle shape and length allow for meticulous application of mineral foundation and other loose products. The product adheres effectively to the bristles, avoiding drips or dust during application. The Short Top brush aids in achieving full coverage with a single layer of Annabelle Minerals foundation. The resulting makeup appears highly natural, free from smudges or uneven spots. Furthermore, the brush enhances product adhesion to the skin, promoting prolonged wear.

Makeup application using the SHORT TOP brush: Optimal results are attained by gently stamping the skin with the brush, spot by spot, while seamlessly blending the foundation from the inner to the outer areas of the face. The compact bristles effortlessly apply an appropriate amount of foundation to the skin, enabling swift and precise makeup application.

How to take care
of makeup brushes?

  • 1. Use mild shampoo to clean your brushes. Baby shampoo is considered one of the best cleansers for makeup brushes, it keeps the bristles soft and clean.⁠
  • 2. Clean a brush by soaking it in lukewarm water and scrubbing the excess product from it without rubbing too harshly.⁠
  • 3. Remember to avoid water flow under the ferrule. Excessive exposure to water may result in bristle loss.⁠
  • Repeat step 2 until the bristles are clean. Do not use additional heat sources for drying. Do not use oil-containing cleaning agents.

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