Pressed Powder Foundation PUFF
Pressed Powder Foundation PUFF
Pressed Powder Foundation PUFF
Pressed Powder Foundation PUFF

Pressed Powder Foundation PUFF


Round applicator for pressed powder foundation. The soft and flexible structure of the sponge allows even and streak-free application.

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Reasons to love it

Functional Size

The round shape with the appropriate diameter allows for quick and precise foundation application

Soft Structure

It's so gentle on the skin that you'll enjoy using it

Full coverage and blur

Thanks to its suitable shape and structure, it enhances the foundation's coverage properties and optically smoothens the skin

Product description

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional makeup brushes and sponges, our round powder puff offers a straightforward and effective solution. It's all about achieving smooth and even makeup coverage. This applicator effortlessly distributes your makeup products, helping to create a polished look and reduce the appearance of pores. Its soft and gentle design ensures a comfortable application experience.

For a perfect match, we recommend using the Annabelle Minerals powder puff with our mineral pressed powder foundation. Whether you're doing your daily makeup or making quick touch-ups, it's a reliable choice.

Cleaning the applicator is a breeze. Just give it a quick rinse under running water with a mild cleanser like baby shampoo, facial cleansing gel/foam, or soap.

How to use powder puff?

  • 1. Dip your powder puff into the mineral pressed powder foundation.
  • 2. Press the product into the skin.
  • 3. Repeat until desired effect.
  • Applying makeup with the powder puff increases the coverage, adhesion and optically smoothes the skin texture.

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