Best sellers

  • Coverage Mineral Foundation


    Annabelle Minerals Coverage Foundation – lightweight formula with buildable full coverage. Provides skin comfort for many hours. Applies easily for a flawless finish. Choose your shade and enjoy the benefits of mineral makeup.

  • FLAT TOP brush


    Flat top has dense, flexible bristles due to which application of foundation is smudge free.

  • KABUKI brush


    The kabuki brush has rounded dense bristles allowing for precise application of foundation and powder on the face and giving the effect of a uniform complexion.

  • COVERAGE foundation sample


    Coverage mineral foundation miniature. Contains 1g of the product and lasts for several uses. Pick your matching shade using the TRY IT ON button.

  • SOFT CREAM lightweight moisturiser


    Incredibly light, fast absorbing cream for the daily care of all skin types, including combination and oily skin. The optimal moisturising base for mineral foundation. Moisturising cream with 95% natural ingredients.

  • mini MATTE foundation


    Try out Annabelle Minerals matte foundations.

  • COVERAGE mineral foundation ♻


    Coverage mineral foundation’s refill in plastic free, eco packaging.. Full coverage and 30SPF – for normal and dry skin.

  • A set of GET SET best selling miniatures


    A trial kit of Annabelle Minerals bestselling powders, blushes, highlighters and eyeshadows. An elegant matte box contains 16 screw-top containers and a mini-catalogue. A perfect product for persons who are starting their adventure with mineral cosmetics, people who prefer to use miniature products or as a gift.

  • SHORT TOP foundation brush


    Annabelle Minerals foundation SHORT TOP brush with its innovative shape is very effective for achieving full coverage with mineral foundation even after applying only one layer. Makes the application easy and fast. Perfect for a first mineral foundation brush.

  • mini RADIANT foundation


    Try out Annabelle Minerals radiant foundations.

  • MATTE mineral foundation


    Mineral foundation with matting properties. Ideal for combination, oily and problematic skin. This is the foundation that evens out, smoothes and corrects the skin tone whilst supporting it in: reducing sebum secretion, decreasing inflammation, and reducing pores visibility.
    Match the shade by using TRY IT ON button.

  • oil and cream PUMP


    Reusable pump for dispensing Annabelle Minerals natural oils and cream

  • BLUSH brush


    The Annabelle Minerals angled blush brush has dense, soft bristles facilitating precise highlighting and contouring the face with a mineral blush.

  • BROW LIKE WOW brow palette


    BROW LIKE WOW palette is the first pressed product of Annabelle Minerals. Created to make eyebrows neat and elegant.

  • RADIANT mineral foundation


    Mineral foundation with radiant finish. For every skin type, including sensitive and mature. Makeup that evens out, visually smoothes the skin and softens facial features. Makes pores less visible and fine lines optically smoothed. Protects against the sun offering SPF20. Gentle and „barely-there” – this is the second-skin foundation.

    Match the shade by using TRY IT ON button.

  • mineral EYE PIGMENT


    Intensively sparkling mineral eye pigments in refined shades. Rich in pigment, durable and efficient. Will light up every makeup look, adding diamond-like sparkle. Natural ingredients, eco packaging and a vegan formula. Apply alone or as sparkling finish to your look, for eyes and body.   

  • jumbo LIP PENCIL


    Creamy lip pencils available in three shades. Comfortable to wear - thanks to the content of natural oils, it nourishes and softens the lips. Applies easily and smoothly. Versatile, fresh shades with velvety semi-matte finish.

  • reusable MAKE-UP ROUNDS


    A set of five reusable make-up rounds. Join us in the #lesswaste movement and replace disposable cotton pads with reusable ones. The package contains 5 pieces.

  • Mineral concealer


    High coverage level mineral concealer that evens out skin tone and ensures coverage with no mask effect.

  • reusable JAR ♻


    Reusable jar for storing and mixing mineral cosmetics. Made of durable aluminium. Perfect for storing and transporting products from the refill line in paper packaging. The jar was created in the spirit of #lesswaste.

  • Baby KABUKI brush


    The baby kabuki face brush makes an excellent product for touch-ups throughout the day. It easily slips into your cosmetic case without adding much bulk - always have it handy.

  • MINI KABUKI brush


    The soft, flexible mini kabuki brush is ideally suitablefor application of Annabelle Minerals loose eyeshadows.

  • CONCEALER brush


    A soft, flexible brush for applying mineral concealer.

  • STAY ESSENTIAL face oil


    Stay Essential - natural multifunctional face oil for mature skin with the first signs of aging. Nourishes, tightens and cares for dull and tired skin. Restores its glow and energy.