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6 most interesting Autumn makeup trends

A well-matched makeup means that while wearing it, we look and feel beautiful, regardless of the season. However, it is worth being up to date with the current trends to paint not only according to the type of beauty, but also fashionable. Along with astronomical autumn, which has just landed, came a good time to look at the six most interesting autumn makeup trends.trendy_na_jesien_usta

Bold lips

In the shade of wine, raspberries, blueberries or even blackberries - paint the lips with this season's most fashionable colors. Intensely pigmented lips will suit both smoky eyelids and a strong liner.         They will also work well in extremely subtle, even invisible eye makeup, where balance will be provided by expressive, wide eyebrows. Lipstick does not have to be perfectly applied. A gentle, controlled grinding on the edges of the lips is allowed - this looks more natural and gives such a dark makeup lightness. Who is this trend for? Very dark lips that optically reduce the painted surface look best on full, prominent lips. Owners of narrower lips may be tempted to slightly brighter counterparts of wine and raspberry red, and the aforementioned subtle rubbing at the border of the lips and skin.


Bold brows

Bold brows are a strong trend for a couple of seasons now, but it is during the colder months that they are one of the most important points of every make-up. First of all, they are an excellent frame for dark, smoky eyelids or a strong, drawn line. They should be fairly wide, filled, but not necessarily perfectly depilated and smoothed. Controlled naturalness, as well as subtle measurement are acceptable. Who is this trend for? Actually for everyone, but to look good, attention should be paid to the details - the width and shade of the eyebrows. It is best that they are in a shade of hair or a tone darker than them and do not overwhelm the eyes or the rest of the face with their thickness.


Make up no make up

The last strong trend, which has actually been adapted to the autumn conditions from the spring and summer season, is invisible makeup. Refined to the smallest detail so that it looks like it wasn't there. Its essence is luminosity, modeled with dark and light powders, without facial imperfections, camouflaged dark circles under the eyes, gently marked eyelashes, eyebrows and manicured lips. Contrary to appearances, this type of makeup can be really labor time consuming. Who is this trend for? For all types of beauty, without age restrictions.


XXL lashes

When doing eyelashes, we usually expect a neat look - so that the hair is thoroughly separated, full and thickened, but not stuck. The current trends, however, indicate makeup rather careless, as if created in a hurry. It turns out that this season it is fashionable to wear eyelashes just as much curled with an eyelash curler as glued, with excess mascara and even with lumps. Who is this trend for? First of all for the brave. :) And seriously - strongly marked eyelashes are suitable for almost all eyes. However, we should be careful of those with drooping eyelids. It is good to paint only the upper line of eyelashes to better bring out the look and not strain the eye. 


All shades of orange

Like every year, autumn makeup is inspired by nature. The color that scrolls on both eyelids, lips or face is orange in all of its shades. From intense redness, through the color of copper, ending with powdered, whitened orange. So lipsticks, eye shadows and blush can be orange. Who is this trend for? Almost for any type of beauty, but only if the right shade of orange is chosen. People in the warm type should bet on the color of copper and strong red, in the cool type on the bleached, pastel, salmon oranges.


Graphic liners

The designers gone mad about the liners. Their suggestion is a negative space liner. However, if you are a fan of the classics, put on the traditional wing right next to the upper eyelashes. The line should, however, be expressive - bold and with intense color, but not necessarily black. Who is this trend for? Graphic lines look best on large and almond-shaped eyes. Owners of narrow eyes can look too dramatic in such a strong makeup.


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