Choosing mineral foundation formula according to your skin type

Ideally matched mineral foundation works perfectly with the skin - camouflages imperfections, is imperceptible and almost invisible. That is why it is worth spending time understanding your skin type and choosing a product that will work well with it and provide your skin with beautiful coverage.

Matte foundations – products of dry consistency

Despite the generally loose consistency, minerals may differ significantly in properties - the assessment of the flowability of the foundation, its powderiness, dustiness or compactness is the first step to determine the properties of a mineral product. Loose, dusty, blunt and dry products are, in principle, foundations characterized by greater durability and resistance to sweat and sebum. A characteristic feature is coverage from medium to full, which can be easily built with a number of thin layers. The advantage of dry powders is their poor adhesion to the skin - thanks to this they will not react with sweat and fat, and the first layer will perform the function of insulation and matting powder. Therefore, you can easily afford several thin layers. Importantly, dry formulas that tolerate humid conditions well do not settle in pores and do not emphasize them. This type of mineral cosmetics responds very well to saturation of minerals with water, as well as wet application.

Coverage foundations – normal and combination skin

More dense formulas, that you feel are slightly creamy, are very well minced. Slightly wet mineral foundations have better coverage but you should be careful during application, because with the skin giving resistance (oily, mixed or covered with oily cream) it is easy for uneven distribution of foundation and mask effect.The cosmetic adheres well to the skin and if you have no problems with oiling, it should not cause you any problems. It is a formula suitable for dry, normal and combination skin.


Radiant foundations – all skin types

Products with radiant formulas have the lowest coverage of all mineral foundations - their covering capabilities can be assessed as low to medium, and therefore they are recommended for all skin types, but mainly for girls with unproblematic complexions who want to give the skin a healthy glow.

Consistency and adhesion of the foundation

It is a good idea to check the adhesion of the foundation - sometimes only checking the consistency of the product adds a lot, but it sometimes happens that cream foundations do not stick to the skin. It is important that the foundation does not rub off when applying following layers, and evenly spread. A well-chosen foundation should not cause any problems with the application.

Test mineral foundation

Choosing a foundation online can be difficult, so it's best to order samples before buying a full-size cosmetic. Always test the foundation on clean skin, because skincare cosmetics can significantly reduce the durability of the mineral foundation, reduce its adhesion, or degrade application. Perfectly matched foundation works well with the complexion and provides comfortable coverage of imperfections.


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