The baby kabuki face brush makes an excellent product for touch-ups throughout the day. It easily slips into your cosmetic case without adding much bulk - always have it handy.

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Reasons to love it


Designed to apply mineral makeup. Works well with other formulas


Beautiful, carefully made, well balanced. Everyday makeup with such an accessory is pure pleasure


Flexible, super-soft bristles are a guarantee of gentleness. Perfect for the sensitive around-the-eye area

Product description

Annabelle Minerals makeup brushes are crafted from the highest quality materials. They feature a comfortable handle and light synthetic bristles. These brushes are super soft, durable, and a pleasure to use. They serve as beautifully crafted accessories for all types of makeup applications: everyday, amateur, and professional.  

The Baby Kabuki face brush is an excellent tool for touch-ups throughout the day. It easily slips into your cosmetic case without adding much bulk – always keeping it conveniently at hand.

 The Baby Kabuki brush, with its rounded and thick bristles, aids in distributing foundation or loose powder evenly across the face, leaving you with a smooth finish. This versatile and convenient brush is especially suitable for the delicate areas around the face.  

Brush length: approximately 5.5 cm.

How to take care
of makeup brushes?

  • 1. Use mild shampoo to clean your brushes. Baby shampoo is considered one of the best cleansers for makeup brushes, it keeps the bristles soft and clean.⁠
  • 2. Clean a brush by soaking it in lukewarm water and scrubbing the excess product from it without rubbing too harshly.⁠
  • 3. Remember to avoid water flow under the ferrule. Excessive exposure to water may result in bristle loss.⁠
  • Repeat step 2 until the bristles are clean. Do not use additional heat sources for drying. Do not use oil-containing cleaning agents.

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