Best sellers

  • STAY ESSENTIAL face oil


    Stay Essential - natural multifunctional face oil for mature skin with the first signs of aging. Nourishes, tightens and cares for dull and tired skin. Restores its glow and energy.

  • CONCEALER brush


    A soft, flexible brush for applying mineral concealer.



    The highlighter brush will help you apply the product evenly to the skin and precisely graduate the glow intensity.

  • POWDER brush


    The powder brush is intended for applying loose face powder to fix the make-up. Soft bristles can also be used on delicate skin around the eyes. It provides the effect of a smooth complexion with a flawless finish.

  • EYE pencil


    Creamy eye pencil. Soft, creamy formula made with a blend of natural oils and minerals cares for the skin. Gentle and suitable for sensitive eyes. Helps to finish the look by defining your eye. Available in three classic shades.



    Annabelle Minerals sliding flat top brush in a luxe metal case. The metallised rose-gold design is perfect on-the-go. Ideal for touch-ups during the day.



    Reusable dropper for Annabelle Minerals skincare products

  • MATTE mineral foundation ♻


    Annabelle Minerals matte mineral foundation refill in plastic free packaging. Long lasting matte effect and SPF10 – for oily, combination and problematic skin.

  • EYELINER brush


    The soft, delicate eyeliner brush allows you to draw precise lines along your upper and lower lashlines.

  • PINK SOFTIE L - makeup sponge


    Large makeup sponge for applying mineral foundation the wet method.



    The Annabelle Minerals angled brush allows for convenient application of eyeshadow to the crease of the eyelid and outer corners of the eyes.

  • SHADOW brush


    The soft, delicate bristles of the brush allow for precise and even application of eyeshadow to the eyelids.

  • STAY PURE face oil


    Natural multi-functional Stay Pure oil for problematic and oily skin. The oil effectively and non-aggressively removes even waterproof makeup. It soothes irritations, nourishes and cares for the skin without causing dryness.

  • STAY CALM face oil


    Natural, multifunctional Stay Calm oil for makeup removal and care. Intended for people with dry, sensitive and capillary skin. Effectively removes makeup, does not dry the skin, relaxes and soothes irritations.

  • JUMBO eye pencil


    Eye pencil with JUMBO possibilities – combines eyeshadow and eyeliner. It’s super soft and suitable for even sensitive eyes. Thanks to the content of natural oils, it cares for the skin. The longwear, ultra-blendable creamy formula is available in three pigment-rich shades.

  • RADIANT mineral foundation ♻


    Annabelle Minerals Radiant foundation refill in paper packaging. The effect of glowing  skin and optical reduction of fine lines plus  SPF 20 - for all skin types, especially for dull and non-radiant.

  • Mineral POWDERS ♻


    Translucent  powders refills in paper packaging. Choose the matte finishing powder based on bamboo powder or the clay primer. Cosmetics especially recommended for oily and problematic skin as well as for people who prefer a matte make-up finish.  

  • PINK SOFTIE M - makeup sponge


    Medium-sized makeup sponge for applying blush, bronzer, highlighter and mineral powder the "wet" method.



    A soft, flexible brush ideally suitable for blending Annabelle Minerals loose eyeshadows.

  • FAN brush


    Fan brush for applying highlighter, powder and blush.

  • oil PUMP


    Reusable Annabelle Minerals oils pump

  • SMUDGE brush


    A soft, flexible brush ideally suitable for mixing and color grading as well as blending loose eyeshadows.

  • PEACH SOFTIE - makeup sponge


    Angled makeup sponge for comprehensive application of mineral makeup the wet method.

  • PINK SOFTIE S - makeup sponge


    S size makeup sponge for applying mineral makeup the wet mehtod