FAN brush
FAN brush
FAN brush
FAN brush
FAN brush
FAN brush

FAN brush


Fan brush for applying highlighter, powder and blush.

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Reasons to love it


Designed to apply mineral makeup. Works well with other formulas


Beautiful, carefully made, well balanced. Everyday makeup with such an accessory is pure pleasure


Flexible, super-soft bristles are a guarantee of gentleness. Perfect for the sensitive around-the-eye area

Product description

An excellent brush should encompass durability, comfort, and easy maintenance – precisely the qualities that define Annabelle Minerals accessories. With a comfortable handle and contoured bristles, these brushes offer effortless and enjoyable workability.  The fan brush is a precision instrument for applying highlighter, bronzer, or blush with pinpoint accuracy. Crafted from soft and resilient synthetic bristles, its fan-shaped design ensures a gentle glide across the skin without causing irritation.  Moreover, this brush serves as an indispensable tool for eliminating excess powder or eyeshadow. Truly a multitasking marvel that deserves a place in every makeup bag.

How to take care
of makeup brushes?

  • 1. Use mild shampoo to clean your brushes. Baby shampoo is considered one of the best cleansers for makeup brushes, it keeps the bristles soft and clean.⁠
  • 2. Clean a brush by soaking it in lukewarm water and scrubbing the excess product from it without rubbing too harshly.⁠
  • 3. Remember to avoid water flow under the ferrule. Excessive exposure to water may result in bristle loss.⁠
  • Repeat step 2 until the bristles are clean. Do not use additional heat sources for drying. Do not use oil-containing cleaning agents.

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